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edamame japanese soy beans with miso salt 4

padron peppers mild spanish peppers with sea salt 5,5

Farmer’s Bread with olive oil, hummus en dukkah 6


bun bo hue Vietnamese with beef, rice vermicelli and lemongrass. beautiful balance between spicy, salt and umami 9

laksa Singapore noodle soup with shrimp, coconut, rice noodles, spring onion, cucumber, mint and chili 8,5

Caribbean Soup sweet potato, coconut, curry and nutmeg 6,5


cari chay vietnamese curry with eggplant, green asparagus, tofu, cauliflower, coconut and rice 8,5

indian pancakes made from chickpeas with roasted cauliflower, chutney, mint and spring onion 8

sichuan eggplant with ginger, soy, chinese black vinegar and chili bean paste 8

pav bhaji delicious spicy potato pumpkin stew with lightly grilled bread, red onion, coriander and lemon 8


watermelon salad taste the summer! with fêta, mint, balsamic, olive oil and sea salt 9

avocado-beetroot tartare green herb yoghurt, caper apples and tomato crostini 9,75

taco soft corn tortilla with sweet potato, fêta, almond and avocado 9,5

shiitake japanese mushrooms, pickled in liquorice and ginger, then fried crispy. delicious! 8,25


moroccan briouats filo patties with shrimp, coriander, mint and fresh vinaigrette 8,5

salmon carpaccio fresh salmon, mayonnaise-worcester sauce, lemon, fried capers 11,5

sea bass shallow fried fillet, so deliciously crispy and tasty. with a tamarind-ginger sauce 12,5

mussels fried in chickpea batter with tartar sauce and lemon 8,5


tenderloin tender beef, grilled and topped with soft Indian rendang sauce, highly recommended! 12

homemade spring roll peking-style duck breast, served with plum sauce and hoisin 9,5

pata negra the highest quality iberico ham with fig and garlic crostini 11

carnita soft corn tortilla, slow roasted pork shoulder, sour cream, avocado and jalapeño 12

HFC hoogendam fried chicken with spicy coleslaw and pickle 8,5

stifado Greek lamb, cinnamon and grilled eggplant stew. served with sour cream and rice 9

beef bulgogi grilled ribeye with korean bbq sauce, daikon, spring onion, served with lettuce 11,5


pasta pesto cherry tomatoes, fresh pesto and parmesan 6,5

pasta pesto pollo cherry tomatoes, fresh pesto, grilled chicken and parmesan 8

most street food is well suited for children


pisang goreng banana in a crispy jacket with chocolate sauce, fresh sereh and ice 7,5

crêpes with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and summer fruit 7

Indonesian layered cake with coconut ice cream 6

affogato organic vanilla ice cream topped with hot espresso 4