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edamame japanese soy beans with sea salt 4

padron peppers mild spanish peppers with sea salt 4,5

Farmer’s Bread with olive oil, hummus en dukkah 5,5


Japanese miso soup grilled chicken, soba noodles, enoki mushrooms, daikon, spring onion, ginger 7,5

Tom Yum Goong Thai sweet and sour shrimp soup with lemongrass, ginger, lime and coconut milk 8

Caribbean Soup sweet potato, coconut, curry and nutmeg 6,50


Vietnamese spring rolls homemade with shiitake, water chestnut, bamboo and a salad 8,5

pumpkin curry Thai curry with eggplant, baby corn, sugar snaps, cashew, coconut and jasmin rice 9

Avocado tempura avocado in crispy Japanese batter with tomatillo salsa and a salad 7,75

japanese vegetable salad bok choy, asparagus, sugar snaps, haricot verts, miso-lime dressing 7,5

tofu sate fried onion, soy ginger sauce and prawn crackers 8,5


Sea bass served with bok choy, sesame and miso butter 11,5

tuna tataki ponzu sauce, spring onion and sesame 12

home marinated salmon beetroot, sour cream, capers and orange 11,5

cha ca noodle dish from hanoi with spiced fried sea bass, peanut, tamarind and nuoc cham 10

Tod Man Pla Thai fish cakes with our homemade chili sauce and a salad 8,5


black angus bavette tender and juicy steak, served with chimichurri and candied potato 10

sate ayam Indonesian chicken satay with prawn crackers, fried onion, satay sauce and a salad 8,75

beijing pancakes duck breast, spring onion, cucumber, plum sauce, chili 10,5

jamaican jerk chicken pineapple and sweet potato 8,75

rendang Indonesian organic beef stew with sajoer beans and jasmine rice 9

Lamb kebab from the grill with roasted tomatoes and tzatziki sauce 9

beef bulgogi Grilled ribeye with korean bbq sauce, daikon, spring onion, served with lettuce 9


pasta pesto cherry tomatoes, fresh pesto and parmesan 6,5

pasta pesto pollo cherry tomatoes, fresh pesto, grilled chicken and parmesan 7,5

most street food is well suited for children


rice pudding with poached pear 6,5

tarte tatin made from pineapple, with lime ice cream 6,5

Indonesian layered cake with coconut ice cream 5

affogato organic vanilla ice cream topped with hot espresso 4