Westerdoksplein 10 1013AZ Amsterdam zo - wo 09.00 tot 23.00 uur en do - za 09.00 tot 00.00 020 370 76 86

breakfast & lunch

breakfast 09.00 - 12.00

Romie breakfast coffee of choice, fresh orange juice, toast with avocado and a poached egg, American pancake, yoghurt with granola and a bowl of fresh fruit 12,95

Frank breakfast coffee of choice, fresh orange juice, toast with avocado and a poached egg, home marinated salmon, streaky bacon, old ‘beemster’ cheese 16,5

Warm croissant butter, jam or cheese 3

Yoghurt homemade granola, fresh fruit 7

scrambled eggs on toast with avocado and/or bacon and/or grilled zucchini and mushroom (+1) 7

american pancakes with forest fruit coulis and powdered sugar 9

Sandwiches 10.00 - 16.00

Club sandwich turkey, avocado, bacon, cucumber, green herb sauce, potato chips 9,95

reuben sandwich pastrami, emmental, sauerkraut and mustard 9

tuna salad with apple, capers, red onion and sweet potato chips 8,75

home marinated salmon red beetroot, sour cream and lamb’s lettuce 9,25

spicy chorizo sausages fresh chorizo, celeriac and cauliflower cream, egg and arugula 9

grilled chicken Cajun style; avocado, tomato, bacon, sriracha sauce 9,5

Warm goat cheese from the oven with roasted paprika, walnut, sweet potato mayo 9

homemade meatball with peanut sauce or mushroom, onion and gravy and russian salad 8,5

Indian sandwich potato, carrot, roasted cauliflower, red pepper and raita (optional vegan) 8,5

super tosti & fried eggs 12.00 - 16.00

Tosti cheese, cheese and tomato, ham and cheese 4/4,5

Tosti Mexico salami, jalapeno, cheddar, spicy salsa 7

Veggie Tosti with goat cheese, beetroot and apple ketchup 7,95

Hoogendam fried eggs cheese, ham, salami, homemade russian salad 10,95

Mexican fried eggs cheese, jalapeno, chorizo, red onion, tomato, nacho’s 9,75

Veggie fried eggs dutch goat cheese, mushroom, zucchini, sundried tomato 9,95

Fried eggs cheese, ham, bacon (+1) and/or tomato (+050) 7,5

Lunch 12.00 - 16.00

japanese miso soup grilled chicken, soba noodles, enoki mushrooms, daikon, spring onion, ginger 7,5

Tom Yum Goong Thai sweet and sour shrimp soup with lemongrass, ginger, lime and coconut milk 8

caribbean Soup sweet potato, curry, coconut and nutmeg 6,5

twelve o’ clock sandwich croquette or meatball, soup of your choice, veggie wrap 12,5

veggie twelve o’ clock sandwich veggie croquette, caribbean soup, veggie wrap 12,5

1 or 2 ‘van Dobben’ or veggie croquettes wholemeal or white bread 6/9,25

homemade warm quiche changing warm quiche with large salad 9

caesar salad baby gem, grilled chicken, bacon, croutons, parmesan, anchovies and a poached egg 15